Ionic 3 Restaurant app with Firebase – mobile Created by ionicfirebaseapp. This mobile have specific characteristics , namely: Ionic 3 Restaurant app with Firebase – mobile . What’s new in version 3.1.0:
Ionic 3 + Angular 4. Ionic Framework update to 3.4.2, Ionic app-scripts update to 1.3.7 and Typescript update to 2.3.4.Add product rating on list page with review and add comment after product ordered. Native Social .

You can use this Ionic 3 Restaurant app with Firebase – mobile on Mobile category for Angular2, angular4, api, cordova, ecommerce, firebase, html5, hybrid apps, ionic, Ionic2, Ionic3, phonegap, push notification, restaurant, typescript and another uses.

What’s new in version 3.1.0:
Ionic 3 + Angular 4. Ionic Framework update to 3.4.2, Ionic app-scripts update to 1.3.7 and Typescript update to 2.3.4.Add product rating on list page with review and add comment after product ordered. Native Social share app.

What’s new in version 3.0.0:
Ionic 3 + Angular 4. Ionic Framework update to 3.1.1. Ionic app-scripts update to 1.3.4 and Typescript update to 2.2.1. Added Social login and push notification . i18 MultiLingual support .Contact Form with Email Composer , Ionic native geolocation support and google map.

Ionic Restaurant app follow a flat design standard and develop with Ionic 3. You can use it for any restaurant , Bakery, Coffee Shop , E-commerce Shop. It contains many useful screen and element. It Build with Angular 4 , Ionic 3, Typescript and SASS to take advantage of the future web standards. user can access all your shop product catalogue with there category and buy the item they wanted or save to own favourite list and can buy item later on.


API : It’s complete working apps and ready to integrate any API , all the logic and Services has been written so it’s Just Hours of work and your Complete E-commerce app running Live. Services Rendering all Data through JSON files.

FIREBASE : you will get firebase version of code as well so in app side there nothing to work just plug and play. If you needed you can develop own dashboard to manage order or we provide that product separately as well.


  • Angular 4 + Ionic 3 + Typescript(2.2.1)+ i18n Full App ( Latest Ionic V3.1.1 )
  • Multiple Languages (i18n) – Change the language Directly from setting module. uses (ng2-translate) with unlimited languages support
  • Google Maps (Google Maps Module)
  • Ionic Native Facebook
    • Facebook Login
    • Access user basic info from Facebook Graph API
  • Ionic Native Google Plus
  • Ionic Native Twitter ( Twitter connect Native module)
    • Twitter Login
  • Contact Form with Email Composer(used to send email from app )
  • Ionic Native 3.x

    • @ionic-native/core
    • @ionic-native/email-composer ( Send email from contact page)
    • @ionic-native/facebook
    • @ionic-native/google-plus
    • @ionic-native/twitter-connect
    • @ionic-native/in-app-browser
    • @ionic-native/splash-screen
    • @ionic-native/status-bar
    • @ionic-native/call-number
    • @ionic-native/geolocation ( Get the current user position )
    • @ionic-native/onesignal
    • @ionic-native/social-sharing
  • Written in SASS and Code optimize
  • Integrate with any API you have.
  • Firebase can use if you don’t have api
  • Coupon code
  • Order history
  • Order menu items
  • Save favourite items
  • Offers menu item
  • PUSH notification with onesignal
  • Native app share
  • Leave comment and review
  • News or Blog page to keep user updated

SCREENS (Component and Modules)

  • Login
  • Signup
  • Menu
  • Category
  • Item
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Address
  • Order history
  • Order history Details
  • Settings
  • User
  • Contact
  • Favourite
  • Add Review on item
  • Offers
  • About us
  • Google MAP
  • News list
  • News Details
  • Thank you

In Firebase version we forget to upload dummy JSON data so you can download from this URL and use .

Common Error :

mx.ferreyra.callnumber if this module show error 404 . Just remove it from package.json and install npm modules then run below command.

ionic cordova plugin add call-number

npm install—save @ionic-native/call-number

There some issue with this Native module so you need to follow this guide.

Please Follow below command if you are using ionic Cli 3.X if you are still using 2.X you can continue using the command we provided in docs

#Install Latest Ionic Framework
$ npm install -g ionic@latest

#Browse the App
navigate to project directory

#Install package.json dependencies
$ npm install
$npm install --save-dev --save-exact @ionic/cli-plugin-ionic-angular@latest @ionic/cli-plugin-cordova@latest

#Test your app on multiple screen sizes and platform types by starting a local development server
$ ionic serve
$ ionic serve --lab

#Build iOS
$ ionic cordova platform add ios
$ ionic cordova build ios --prod --aot

#Build Android
$ ionic cordova platform add android
$ ionic cordova build android --prod --aot

#Deploying/Running on emulator
$ ionic cordova run android --prod

You can checkout our backend as well :

Test before you buy :

You can test the app using Ionic View (ID: f6c9cd1a) (Please note that when testing on Ionic View some Cordova plugins will not work) Download it here

You can download directly apk as well :

# UPDATE V 3.1.0 - ( 21th June 2017 )
 - Product rating on list page.
 - Updated and Tested with IONIC CLI 3. 
 - Upgraded Firebase and angularFire to V4.x .
 - User can leave rating and comment on each product after there order.
 - Upgraded IONIC 3 to latest V3.4.3 .
 - Upgraded angular4 version.
 - Ionic native app share.
 - Cart item calculation bug fixed.
 - Minor CSS fixed on few pages.
 - Docs updated with CLI 3.

# UPDATE V 3.0.0 - ( 10th May 2017 )
 - About us page added.
 - Updated IONIC Native Plugins to V3.
 - Upgrade IONIC 2 to IONIC 3.
 - Locate us MAP page for Restaurant Location.
 - IONIC native plugins Call to Number.
 - Social native Login with FB , TWITTER , G+  for Firebase Version. 
 - Coupon code Integration on checkout page.
 - i18 MultiLingual support. 
 - Contact Form with Email Composer 
 - Search item on category List page.
 - Push Notification with OneSignal.
 - Docs updated. 

# UPDATE V 2.0.0 - ( 27th Fab 2017 )
 - offer and news page added
 - Minor css improvement
 - profile page UI updated.
 - Firebase version ready 
 - Docs updated  

# UPDATE V 1.1.0 - ( 7th Fab 2017 )
 - Upgrade to Ionic Framework 2.0 Final
 - Minor css improvement
 - Contact page added
 - Favourite Module integration 

# RELEASE 1.0.0 - ( 27th Jan 2017 )
 - Initial Release