gikApp – mobile Created by egany_com. This mobile have specific characteristics , namely: gikApp – mobile . WordPress & Shopify Mobile App – React Native Full App WordPress, Shopify Mobile APP – Multi-purpose Mobile App for WordPress & Shopify. Free trial before you buy. Create your stuning WordPress & Shopify mobile app in 3 minutes.This application .

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This application useful for

  • Shopify Owners
  • Outsourcing Agencies
  • Spas Owners
  • Solo Developers
  • Mobile Developers
  • Javascript Developers

What’s new on gikApp 2.0 – Shopify Integration

Download Demo App (Android version)

Home with multi-tab screen

Side Menu multi-level menu

Shopify Collection with sorting, list view & grid view

Shopify Product multi-variants

Full detect out stock before add to cart

Search screen ready

Cart & Check out

Easy to delete or update item before checkout in cart screen.

Big update (30 May 2017)

What’s new on gikApp 1.3


WordPress Reactive Native Full APP Features

Easily switch to many of themes easily. Spa, Services, e-Commerce shopping…etc available. A truly multipurpose native app for your business.

One APP, many themes. One-time investment, many times revenue.

This APP is paying for itself.

Modern Design

It’s not responsive, it’s not a theme, it’s a Native Full APP. Designed for Mobile, base on mobile real users research and experiments.

Customize Menus from Dashboard – No Coding Required

Change your menu quickly from Dashboard setting, no coding required, repeat, NO CODING REQUIRED.

Imagine how fast you can provide an Mobile App to your customers just by change logo and menu then we’re all done. Under 3 minutes guaranteed.

Support All Page Templates

Whatever you made, make it your. All default page template and your custom page templates supported.

You do not need to do anything, just create your template, the APP will automatically shows.

Infinite Scoll

Advanced method to load Posts from WordPress just in secs. No waiting, no bounce, no exit.

Sharing mean viral

Get your content viral by sharing by customers. Quickly share to many 3rd services in an eye blink.

Custom Contact Us with Map & Direction

Your customers will find a way to your shop with directions right on the APP, or get in touch with you with 1 finger touch. How fast??

Developer Friendly

We know you need this most! We do! Even with not a tech savy person can understand!!

One more thing, CROSS-PLATFORM available. 1 source code, iOS and Android available.

Video Documentation & Demo

Wondering if it’s easy to follow? Not sure if you can do that?. Watch the videos instruction here, it just take you 3 minutes to BUILD YOUR OWN APP

This UI Theme in this App does not fit you?

There’re more than 20+ different REACT NATIVE FULL Themes more, just for your need!!

We do not lie, you not believe??? Check it out!

Change log

version 2.2 (26 June 17):
1. Update Liquid Template Package

version 2.1 (20 June 17):
1. Update OneSignal Push Notifications For Posts In WordPress 
2. Fixed "Unable to execute JS call: __fbBatchedBridge is undefined" error    
3. Update documents to support push notification.

version 2.0 (30 May 17):
1. Upgrade Latest React Native to 0.44.2 & related library 
2. Add new Theme with Shopify Full Integration Feature
3. Fixed the Bookmark page not working

version 1.3 (11 May 17):
1. Multi-platform Push Notifications Using OneSignal
2. Offline Mode
3. Small bug fix & code refactor
- react-native-navigation module in package.json

version 1.2 (05 April 17):
1. Fixed issue on Header
2. Fixed issue on TabBar
3. Small bug fix & code refactor

version 1.1 (01 March 17):
1. Add new Bookmark (Save for later)
2. Add new Category List Layout
3. Update Feature Post Layout
4. Small bug fix & code refactor

version 1.0 (24 February 17):
- Initial release