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Are you looking for an enhanced theme/layout design for your PHP Web Applications that support Horizontal Menu OR Vertical Menu? If so, then you’ve just come to the right place. This is a PHPMaker 2017 Template file, that will change .

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Are you looking for an enhanced theme/layout design for your PHP Web Applications that support Horizontal Menu OR Vertical Menu? If so, then you’ve just come to the right place. This is a PHPMaker 2017 Template file, that will change completely the look and feel of your generated Web Applications.

For those of you who don’t know about PHPMaker, yet, please visit PHPMaker website.

By using this PHPMaker 2017 Template, then you don’t need to create the Web Application from scratch anymore. Why? Because PHPMaker 2017 will generate ALL the main PHP script files, and this Template will handle the look and feel of your Web Application. Yes, it’s so simple as that!

As a Web Developer, before generating the script files, you can decide whether to implement either Horizontal Menu Layout, Vertical Menu Layout, OR both of them so that end-users can switch from Horizontal to Vertical (or vice versa) quickly and easily. Many great features and flexible options are also available.

You can even give (or not to give) the ability to the end-users to adjust the theme layout on-the-fly. Let them adjust the theme layout and theme colors at anytime based on their needs. Many setting combination can be achieved by using this template. This will make your Web Applications become more professional and more user-friendly.

In addition to the template, it also included PHPMaker 2017 Extension that you can enable from Tools -> Extensions in order to adjust the default settings that suits your needs. There are two settings level available: Project and Table levels. You may not use this extension, and simply use the default template settings.


1. Horizontal Menu Layout
2. Vertical Menu Layout
3. Layout Theme Settings Selector
4. Header Theme Color (10 options available)
5. Left-Header Theme Color (10 options available)
6. NavBar Theme Color (10 options available)
7. Footer Theme Color (10 options available)
8. Main Container Theme Color (9 options available)
9. Active Item Theme Color (10 options available)
10. Background Patterns (9 options available)
11. Header Position (Fixed, Relative)
12. Footer Position (Fixed, Relative)
13. Menu Position (Fixed, Relative)
14. Item Menu Border (Show, Hidden)
15. Subitem Menu Border (Show, Hidden)
16. Menu Border Style (Solid, Dotted, Dashed)
17. Navigation View (3 options available)
18. Theme Style (Square, Rounded)
19. Theme Vertical Layout (Wide, Boxed, Widebox)
20. Menu Trigger (Hover, Click)
21. Vertical Sidebar Effect (Shrink, Overlay, Push)
22. Horizontal Menu Icon (Show, Hidden)
23. Default Vertical Menu (Collapsed, Expanded, Expanded PopOver)
24. Smart Layout for Desktop, Tablet, and Phone
25. Sticky Header
26. Sticky Footer
27. Sticky Menu/Navbar
28. Menu Hover
29. Menu Click
30. Collapsed/Expanded Sidebar
31. Menu Item Group
32. Screen Loading Status
33. Auto Highlight Current Menu Item and Its Parent
34. Restore to Default Settings
35. User Profile Dropdown Menu
36. Responsive Design 100%
37. Locale Google Font
38. Alertify Message/Notification System
39. Popup Confirmation Message on Add/Copy/Edit Popup Dialog
40. Popup Window option for Login, Forgot Password, Registration, and Change Password Pages
41. Help-Online Ready on All the Generated Pages
42. Terms and Conditions on The Registration Page
43. Smart Search Panel Status
44. User Permissions for Export Data
45. Countdown to Time Remaining Sessions
46. Table-Level Setting Options (via Extension)
47. Project-Level Setting Options (via Extension)
48. Clean Interface
49. Clean Code
50. Easy and Quick to Implement for any PHPMaker 2017 project
51. Maintained regularly
52. Always Stay Updated to the Latest PHPMaker 2017 Minor Version.

By using this template, then you can create a unique theme setting for each of your PHPMaker 2017 project, and you are still be able to enjoy the advantage features of PHPMaker. There will be no conflict between the existing PHPMaker features with this template.

In other words, you don’t need to remove or avoid some of great PHPMaker features in order to implement the advanced theme layout. The main reason why I told that to you, since some of custom PHPMaker Template out there are created by removing some of built-in PHPMaker features. I don’t want that happened to you when using this template.

Enjoy the template, and enjoy your life that become more fun and excited!


Level Access: Administrator
- Username: admin
- Password: master
This is the administrator account which have full permissions, including user management.

Level Access: Sales
- Username: nancy
- Password: 1234
This account has limited permissions. You can only view records in tables.

Level Access: Manager
- Username: andrew
- Password: 1234
This account has full permissions except user management. you can only modify your own record in the "Employees" table. 

Watch also this following video if you want to see it in action.


Please follow all the steps below carefully in order to use this template by using PHPMaker version 2017 application (note that you can see this guidance also in the downloaded file after you buy this template).

1. Extract the downloaded zip file to your computer,

2. Copy the zip file inside template sub-folder into your PHPMaker 2017 template installation folder, typically in “C:\Program Files\PHPMaker 2017\template”,

3. Copy the xml and zip files inside extensions sub-folder into your PHPMaker 2017 extensions installation folder, typically in “C:\Program Files\PHPMaker 2017\extensions”,

4. Enable the extension from “Tools” -> “Extensions” -> “Type: Template Settings” -> “MasinoHorizontalVerticalTemplateSettings13” of your PHPMaker 2017 application, and adjust the extension settings from “Advanced” tab next to “General” tab,

5. Choose “” from “Generate” tab -> “Template file” of your PHPMaker 2017 application,

6. Generate ALL the script files by using PHPMaker 2017 application, and wait until the process are finished,

7. Done, and enjoy your generated Web Application!


Last updated on July 19, 2017:
1. Fixed Parent Menu Item does not work issue, when it is clicked or it is hoverd in Collapsed Sidebar of Tablet mode.
2. Removed VerticalSubMenuItemIconStyle setting option, since this is not needed anymore to display custom icon style for Submenu Item of Vertical Layout.

July 12, 2017:
1. Improved the selected Parent's Menu Item, now will be scrolled to top while it is being clicked or when the page is being loaded.
2. Improved the Logo at Header section, by adding href link that points out to the main URL of Web Application.
3. Improved the Menu Item Group, by displaying the ellipse icon on, when sidebar menu is being collapsed in Vertical Menu Layout.
4. Improved the Custom File, by connecting it to the logic of scrolling-up parent menu item.
5. Improved SQL Server Database Connection with MSDBLIB enabled.
6. Improved the selected Submenu Item Color for all Themes.
7. Improved Dynamic Database Connection for Calendar Scheduler (now supports Database_Connecting server event).

July 6, 2017:
1. Fixed Calendar Scheduler Date select/click issue for Horizontal Layout.
2. Fixed Calendar Scheduler returned status issue after drag and drop DateTime.
3. Fixed Calendar Scheduler Checkbox control left position issue for Edit form dialog window.
4. Improved Submenu Dropdown shadow for Hover Expanded and Expanded PopOver.
5. Improved Submenu Icon left position for Hover Expanded and Expanded PopOver.
6. Removed shadow on Submenu Dropdown for Expanded and Click trigger menu of Vertical Layout.
7. Removed shadow on Submenu Dropdown for Phone mode in Horizontal and Vertical Layout.

June 22, 2017:
1. Fixed two lines of Horizontal Menu navbar issue, when all root menu items cannot be loaded in a single navbar.
2. Fixed Modal fade dialog issue, when switching from one to another not properly.
3. Added 1 new Extension: MasinoCalendarSchedulerTemplate13 for Calendar Scheduler feature.
4. Added a new feature: Calendar Scheduler page into the Live Demo website. Yes, it uses FullCalendar from
5. Included the demo project (.pmp, .sql, .xml, .png) files, that similar to the live demo into the downloadable file. Now you may always refer to this demo project before implementing this Template to your PHPMaker 2017 project.

June 15, 2017:
1. Fixed Horizontal Navbar Height issue in Google Chrome browser.
2. Fixed inconsistent Theme Color issue for several themes.
3. Fixed Line Height issue of Long Menu Item Caption for Horizontal Layout.
4. Fixed Font Weight issue on Menu Item both for Horizontal and Vertical Layout.
5. Fixed Left Side Header issue for Vertical Layout.
6. Added Application Description in Header section for Horizontal Layout.
7. Added LeftLogoHeightInPixels and LeftLogoWidthInPixels setting options from Extension side.
8. Cleaned up unecessary code.