Actionable Google Analytics for Magento – plugins Magento Extensions Created by mage_tatvic. This plugins have specific characteristics , namely: Actionable Google Analytics for Magento – plugins Magento Extensions. Actionable Google Analytics is a Magento Extension which allows you to use some of the most important features of Universal Analytics including Enhanced Ecommerce & User ID Tracking. Additionally, the plugin supports I.P Anonymization, Product .

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Actionable Google Analytics is a Magento Extension which allows you to use some of the most important features of Universal Analytics including Enhanced Ecommerce & User ID Tracking. Additionally, the plugin supports I.P Anonymization, Product Refund, Content Grouping, Form Field Tracking & 15+ Custom Dimensions & Metrics.

By using our plugin you save hours of time in implementing complex Google Analytics code and instead focus on generating Actionable insights from your data.

Benefits of Extension

  • Quick & Easy Installation

  • Access to 9 Reports of Enhanced Ecommerce

    • Shopping Behaviour Report

    • Checkout Behaviour Report

    • Product Performance Report

    • Sales Performance Report

    • Product List Performance Report

    • Internal Promotion Report

    • Order Coupon Report

    • Affiliate Code Report

  • Learn about how different devices are used by same user & how it drives purchase

  • Learn more about which products are refunded more often & take action for such products

  • Be in legal compliance by using I.P Anonymization which is important for EU countries

  • Learn more about which type of & what level of discounts generates conversion

  • Understand which payment methods are most widely used ?

  • Learn more about time taken to make purchase decision by customer

  • And much more

Our Extension tracks following Custom Dimensions & Metrics in your GA

Custom Dimensions:

  • Stock Status: Learn whether the product is in stock or out of stock. Keeping track of out of stock products will prevent you from acquiring traffic
    on the out of stock product URLs.

  • Page Type: Identifies the type of the page. Example – Category Page, Product Page, etc. Helps you to compare the performance of different site

  • Product Discount: Getting Discount data in GA can actually help you in strategizing the discounts by analyzing the impact it is causing on the
    product demand and other key metrics

  • Payment Method: Get insights into which Payment method (paypal, credit card, etc) is most popular for your store, which generates higher AOV and

  • Shipping City & Billing city: Integrates the billing city & shipping city data directly into your GA. It Helps you learn about product
    demand using insights on Shipping & billing cities.

  • Weekday: Learn whether a transactions was completed on weekday/ weekend. Helps you in comparing Weekdays v/s Weekend Performance

  • Local timeslot of the day: Learn the local time slot during which maximum transactions happens on your store. This can help you improve your
    marketing activities across different geo locations.

  • User Type: Using this custom Dimension you will be able to differentiate users based on their checkout method. It will help you understand the
    popular checkout method of your store.

  • Sequence at Product Page: Tracks the sequence in which products pages are viewed in a session. It will give you the idea as to which products are
    viewed can be offered as a part of recommendation.

  • Add to Cart Button Position: The following dimension helps you understand how ‘Add to Cart’ button’s position impacts your CTR. Compare ‘Add to
    Cart’ buttons position above the fold & below the fold to take important design decisions.

  • No. of Product in Stock: Using this custom dimensions you will be able to learn the stock availability of the product right into your Google
    Analytics. Understand how showing stock quantity of the products is impacting its sales.

  • Time Taken to make Purchase: Learn the time taken by users to make purchase after landing on your store. It will help you make real time offers to

  • Time Take to add Product to Add to Cart: Learn the time taken by users to add product to cart after arriving on the product page. Insights
    generated from the data will help you strategize the promotional offers.

  • Product Size: Track the size of the product in Google Analytics. This will help you analyze the product sales in terms of its size.

Custom Metrics:

  • No of New Customer Orders/ Repeat Orders: Learn if your orders are coming from new customers or repeat customers. Using this metric you can learn if your marketing campaign is bring in new customers or repeated customers. If the campaign is bringing in repeated customers who any way are going to come, you may want to improvise your marketing campaign to acquire new customers.

  • Total monetary value of products viewed: Learn total monetary value of product viewed by a user in a single session. It helps you understand total
    monetary value of products users generally view & what value of product they end up buying.

  • No of clicks on Category Pages & Product Pages: Tracks numbers of clicks that happens on Category Page & Product Page. It helps you to understand
    the user engagement.

Before you reach out to us, we request you to go through these frequently asked questions which might help you save your time.

User Review

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Change Log


  • Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Compatibility with Magento’s Search Functionality
  • Minor Bug Fixes

  • Optimized the UA Tracking code implementation
  • Character Trailing Issue solved

  • Added New Feature : 404 Error Page Tracking

  • Fixed GA Authentication Process


If you have any questions or query visit us at & and we’ll get in touch with
you in 24 hours. Additionally, our extension includes upto 1 hour of Customization.

Our extension doesn’t support the following features:

  • Product types other than Simple Product
  • Category Filters
  • Auto Product Loading Using AJAX
  • OneStep Checkout Page
  • Flat Catalog Products/Categories

Note :

Following extension does not support Highly Customized Themes and Product Variation Feature out of the box. We request you to contact us before purchasing the extension.